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Enfants du Monde is a Swiss charitable organisation based in Geneva. We have been providing a quality education and access to health services for disadvantaged children in the poorest parts of the world for over 45 years.


Our latest activities

  • Mond'Info Cover

    Mond’Info has come out

    Find out about the problems of young mothers in El Salvador as they tell their stories.

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  • Catty Jennifer Chavarria has been trained through the education training programme the

    “I have learnt how to engage the interest of my pupils.”

    Enfants du Monde trains teachers in order to improve their skills.

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  • A pregnant woman and her midwife - health project in El Salvador

    Success in El Salvador: mothers are in better health

    The project we began in two municipalities now has nationwide coverage and is saving the lives of many mothers and babies.

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Enfants du Monde

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