where do the donations go?

Enfants du Monde is trustworthy


As a donor or partner, you are placing your trust in Enfants du Monde and we thank you for that. In order to maintain this relation of trust, our Swiss NGO provides information on its efficient use of the donations received.
We are proud to have been a Zewo certified NGO for over 25 years. Every 4 years, we are committed to meeting the requirements of the Swiss seal of quality ZEWO and in this way we guarantee that donations made to our NGO are used transparently and effectively.
In addition, every year, our accounts are audited by an independent auditor based in Geneva and each of our projects is rigorously monitored to ensure its effectiveness as well as being audited locally.

Your donations go to mothers and children living in poverty

When you support our education and health projects, you can be sure that your donations primarily go directly to the most disadvantaged. Our trusted Swiss NGO makes sure that its administrative costs are kept to a minimum.

Starting today, make a donation to Enfants du Monde and see how it will be used to provide better access to education and health for disadvantaged mothers and children.

Allocation of donations received
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