your donations to Enfants du Monde

 Donate to help the most disadvantaged


The aim of the development work of Enfants du Monde is to achieve tangible and lasting results. Thus, when you make a donation to our Swiss NGO, it is predominantly allocated to help impoverished children, mothers and pregnant women.


Change the world with a donation

Your donation enables disadvantaged populations to have access to quality education and better healthcare. Thus, these populations can contemplate the future in a more care-free manner.

  • With 21 francs, you enable one community health worker in El Salvador to be trained to care for mothers and babies.
  • With 37 francs, you enable a child in Niger to attend school for a year.
  • With 90 francs, you allow two husbands in Burkina Faso to take a health course where they can learn how to best care for their pregnant wives and thereby prevent complications.
  • With 150 francs, you provide school supplies for 50 students in Burkina Faso for a year.
  • With 160 francs, you train eight health care providers in the sub-district of Netrokona in Bangladesh.
  • With 220 francs, you enable 20 parents of pupils in Guatemala to be better sensitized to bilingual and intercultural education.
  • With 440 francs, you train a health worker in Haiti to visit pregnant women at home and teach them about how to care for their health.

Don't hesitate any longer; make a donation to Enfants du Monde!