our zewo certification

All your information is managed transparently


For more than 25 years, Enfants du Monde has been granted a Zewo seal. This seal is a Swiss quality standard, which is granted to organisations and institutions that manage all the information they receive transparently and efficiently.

Our Swiss NGO respects the 21 Zewo-seal quality norms (in French) and its Zewo certification is renewed every four years.

Every year, our NGO's accounts are reviewed and verified by the Geneva-based auditing firm PricewaterhouseCoopers. They ensure that all accounts comply with the provisions set out by the Swiss GAAP RPC21, which establishes the most stringent accounting regulations for NGOs.


Our projects are regularly assessed

To guarantee the success of our projects, our NGO's health and education programmes are assessed every year. A rigorous monitoring system for each of our projects has been put in place. Our experts in Geneva are in regular contact with our regional coordinators and frequently travel to the project locations to meet up and to work with the coordinators, as well as with our local partners, to ensure that our projects move forward.