Become a sponsor

 Help disadvantaged children in the long term with a sponsorship


Get involved in favour of disadvantaged children and make a real difference thanks to a project sponsorship!

I become a sponsor

What is a project sponsorship? It is a regular donation, by a bank standing order, direct debit or LSV, that will be used for the theme you choose:

Parrainage Education


To offer children and teenagers who have never been to school or who have dropped out too soon the opportunity of going to school, and to train the teaching staff to use an active pedagogy, in Burkina Faso, Niger and Guatemala.

Parrainage Sante


To allow pregnant women to have access to antenatal consultations and free counselling sessions about pregnancy and giving birth, and to train health workers on mother and child health issues, in Burkina Faso, Bangladesh, Tanzania and Madagascar.

Parrainage General


To support the most important and urgent projects in favour of disadvantaged mothers and children.

Choose a sponsorship, the most efficient way of supporting us. We suggest sponsoring a project rather than sponsoring a child, because our NGO believes that all children should be treated the same way. We know that sponsorships in favour of specific children can cause the children and their families a lot of difficulties, in particular with the wider family circle.

  • Your sponsorship allows us to plan assistance to disadvantaged children and mothers in the long term;
  • Your sponsorship reduces our administrative costs, which means more money is made available for the beneficiaries of the projects;
  • Your sponsorship provides us with financial resources that are immediately available, so that we can act in the field in emergency situations, without having to approach you every time we need your support;
  • You contribute to reinforce our association’s independence, enabling us to act more freely to run our education and health programmes.

You can decide how to set up your sponsorship:

  • You choose the theme: Education, Health or General;
  • You choose how often you contribute: once a year, once every six months, once every three months or once a month;
  • You choose the amount you want to donate, starting at 120 francs a year or more;
  • You can deduct all your donations to Enfants du Monde from your taxes. Every year, in February, you will receive a statement of donations for the previous year, that you can use for your tax return;
  • You can modify or end your sponsorship anytime, by calling +41 22 798 88 81, or by sending an email to info(at)

Do you wish to become a sponsor?

  1. Download the debit authorisation form (in French) to sponsor a project;
    I become a sponsor
  2. Fill it in, sign it and send it back to: Enfants du Monde, Route de Ferney 150, CP 2100,1211 Geneva 2;
  3. From now on, you are sponsoring disadvantaged children and mothers! Your account will be debited at the chosen frequency;
  4. Alternatively, you can simply start a bank standing order in favour of Enfants du Monde on the postal account 12-415-4 (IBAN: CH50 0900 0000 1200 0415 4).

Be informed about the impact of your sponsorship

By becoming a project sponsor, you will allow thousands of disadvantaged children to go to school, learn skills, be healthy and build a better future for themselves and their families.

For over 50 years, we have been striving for quality, and we have been focusing on the situation of girls in particular. In order to ensure the long-term sustainability of our projects, we network with local partners, which also allows us to keep administrative costs to a minimum.

So don’t hesitate to join the solidarity network we are setting up around disadvantaged children. Thank you for your generosity!