01.12.2010 - In Bangladesh, 45% of 160 million inhabitants still live under poverty line. The Centre for Mass Education in Science facilitates the entrance of more than 16.000 young adults from 14 to 19 into the work life. This local organization provides young adults who have been unable to finish school with basic education and professional training in an area of their choice. The training also includes in-house company based internship.

Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim, Chief Executive of the Centre for Mass Education in Science organization, which is a local partner of Enfants du Monde in Bangladesh, answers to questions:

Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim , you are pushing hard to develop and promote the education of women in Bangladesh. Can you explain the reasons for this choice?
Giving a good education to females is paramount to our country development. A young woman who has received appropriate training and has an employment can better take care of her family. Furthermore, she will not be tied up to family obligations which often force young girls of 12 or 13 years of age to get married.

Why are you providing non stereotyped trainings to females?
Once again, I want to emphasize the fact that only a country that provides training and education to young adult females and women can develop. In the case of Bangladesh this means that we need to develop professional perspectives for young females and give them the possibility to access employments which are better paid than traditional sectors such as textile. Today, about 20% of young girls are taking up trainings in non stereotyped activities such as Information Technology, Electronics or Health.

150 CHF will finance six months of classes and professional training for a young woman.
50 CHF will finance half the monthly wages of an experienced teacher.

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