03.14.2011 - In Niger, only 3 out of 10 girls go to school. Shawa’atu Shaibu wasn't able to go to the public school in her village because she was too old to attend it. Thanks to Enfants du Monde, she was nevertheless put through school. She now knows how to read and write and has opened her own sewing shop.

Shawa'atu Shaibu explains how her daily life is, what her hopes are and what she is proud of:

«In the morning at six o'clock, when I wake up, I sweep our house and my sewing shop which is in my home. After going to the well for water, I prepare the food and then start to sew. For me, the most important thing in life is family, and happiness is to have children and that they can go to school and succeed. I am proud to have been to school and to work for myself today. »

Enfants du Monde supports a dozen schools in the region of Tahoua, in northern Niger. They welcome children who like Shawa'atu Shaibu never attended school or had to leave it too soon.


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