Campagne santé séance de sensibilisation25.11.2014 – In Burkina Faso, most women do not know about the dangers associated with pregnancy, and as a result, a large number of them die every year during pregnancy or delivery. Yet many of these deaths could be prevented if women were more aware of the risks.
Like the majority of women in Burkina Faso, Bayratou Sana did not go to school. This young woman, aged 23, never learned how to look after herself and protect herself against disease.  And yet, now eight months pregnant, she is taking good care of herself and protecting her baby. She no longer goes to work in the fields nor to fetch water from the well.  “At the awareness sessions, I learned that I shouldn’t do heavy works. It’s my husband who tends our crops. As for me, these days I only do the easy jobs”, says Bayratou.

At the awareness sessions organised by Enfants du Monde, expectant mothers like Bayratou learn things that are very simple, but that could save their lives: not to carry heavy loads, to sleep under a mosquito net, to go to the doctor immediately at the first danger signs – for example if they have swollen feet, stomach pain or bleeding.

Thanks to these information sessions, Bayratou feels well prepared and is not afraid. To enable other women to have a healthy pregnancy, like Bayratou, every penny counts!

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