Bayratou, a pregnant woman - health campaign in Burkina28.10.2014 - By launching its national campaign, “Become a mother, save another”, Enfants du Monde is hoping to receive donations in favour of pregnant women in Burkina Faso, one of the countries which has the biggest death rate of women in the world. Yet, the majority of complications linked to pregnancy or childbirth could be avoided by just the simplest of measures. We show pregnant women how to take care of themselves, we train medical staff and we widen access to health centres.

Thanks to the donations we’ve received, we have already managed to decrease maternal mortality rates and improve the health of future mothers in the Central Eastern region of Burkina Faso. Bayratou and Adjara, aged 23 and 21, who are 7 months pregnant and live in this region, can now be confident and will no longer be scared as they are both well prepared.

During the awareness sessions, they learnt how to prevent complications linked to pregnancy and how to stay healthy. They are also followed by well-trained health staff that are good listeners, and know how to give good advice to the women. Thanks to a specially designed waiting room, they can spend the final days of their pregnancy next door to the health centre where they will give birth, instead of waiting for labour to commence and having to walk three hours to get there.

The results in the Central Eastern region are so positive that we hope to extend our health project to Mangodara in the South West of Burkina Faso. It is a poor and deprived region where the conditions for pregnant women continue to be poor.
Thanks to your donation, 11’000 women in Mangodara will be able to benefit from: health classes, medical care given by a qualified member of health staff, and quick and easy access to treatment. Every centime counts!

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