In some countries in Africa, 1 in 3 students who complete primary education does not know how to read a sentence*. We need your help to take action!

Access to education in developing countries is improving thanks to the joint efforts of states and NGOs. However, in many countries, the quality of education remains inadequate and many children do not have access to schooling.

Enfants du Monde is committed to supporting the right to a quality education for all children. The schools we support offer free elementary education to children and youth, especially girls, who never attended school or who dropped out too soon.

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It's never too late to learn how to read!

At 13, Issa, a Burkina Faso teenager, got the chance to go to school thanks to Enfants du Monde and it changed his life.

Since I got registered to attend school, I haven't missed a day I am very proud of going. I am the only one in my family who has gone to school, and I share my knowledge with my parents and brothers. In that way, I can help them in their daily lives. Later on, I dream of being a teacher. 

Give a second chance to girls 

It is only by having an education that girls will be able to protect themselves from the abuse they are often victims of, such as exploitation in the textile industry, prostitution rings or domestic service.

Make a gift to change the fate of a child

Thanks to your donation to Enfants du Monde, you can change the fate of a child:

  • You offer an elementary education to disadvantaged children;
  • You support the education of girls and protect them from exploitation and early marriage;
  • You offer a quality education by training teachers on an active pedagogy that develops the student's autonomy;
  • You adapt classes according to the children's needs, most notably through bilingual teaching in the local mother tongue of the children and in the country's official language.

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*Information source: UNESCO