promoting children's rights
in swiss schools

Enfants du Monde raises children's awareness


Enfants du Monde aims to inform the population, youths in particular, on the importance of children’s rights and the right to education. Our NGO has set up a traveling photo exhibition as well as two education awareness excerpts. Schools in Switzerland or abroad can integrate them into their education programme.

The project “A Fairer World” encourages youths to approach the Convention on the Rights of the Child in a fun and creative way. The children learn about their rights and create a giant globe with thousands of illustrations representing these rights. The globe is then exhibited in other schools and thus, with the help of worksheets, encourages discussions on children’s rights and sustainable development.

The project “A Song for Education” mobilises classes to support the right to education of every child in the world. With the help of well-known artists, the children write songs, record them and give public performances.