"A Song for Education" Project

Singing for everyone's right to education


Every year, 60 million children around the world are unable to go to school. This reality doesn't respond to their needs and prevents them from becoming well-informed citizens and being able to take charge of their lives. Enfants du Monde, with the support of Compagnie Zappar, wants to raise awareness among children and youth about this reality. Since 2012, our NGO offers schools in Romandy and around the world the project "A Song for Education".

In the course of its different editions, our project "A Song for Education" has enabled thousands of schoolchildren to reflect on issues related to the rights of children and, in particular, to the right to a quality education. The goal? To help each student find their place as a citizen of the world by giving them a voice and getting them engaged in the fight for their rights and those of others.

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New edition, new concept

On its 5th edition in 2018-2019, our project "A Song for Education" changes its concept. For the first time, the project will raise awareness among around 800 high school students, aged 15 to 18, in Switzerland and Benin. Accompanied by 8 confirmed artists, their goal will be to create and produce a musical show on the theme of a quality education for all. The show will be staged in Switzerland in the spring of 2019.

Project "A Song for Education" Project "A Song for Education"


Reflection and song writing

From the moment the students go back to school, they begin their work in the classroom. With the help of their teachers and learning material, they will hold two 90 minutes workshop sessions to reflect about the issues of access to education.

Once this initial work is complete, the students will prove their creativity by crafting a message, the fruit of their reflections in class, in the medium of their choosing, e.g. an essay, a photo collage, a video, etc. The different messages will then be taken by the participating artists, who will use them as inspiration to write songs dedicated to education. The students, accompanied by the participating artists, will interpret these songs in a musical show that they themselves will create.


All on stage!

From the beginning of 2019, all students involved in the project "A Song for Education" will participate in thematic workshops in class to develop their musical. They will be split into specific work groups (communication, interpretation, stage design, and management) that together will produce an hour-long musical.

The show will be staged in Switzerland and the students and artists will meet on stage, accompanied by an orchestra, to interpret the songs composed on the theme of an education for all. The artists will also offer performances of previously unreleased duos or trios in the context of the project "A Song for Education."