Young Reporters

 Cross-views of children on their rights


Young Reporters ("Enfants Reporters" in French) is a participatory project of the association "30 Years of Children’s Rights", currently carried out in partnership between Enfants du Monde and Terre des Hommes Suisse. It gives children the opportunity to express themselves on the rights that concern them and to offer their own perspectives to those around them.

With their presence on the field, their quill in the inkwell or participating in the production, children creatively implement their rights and dissect them in their own way. Children in Switzerland and around the world have free rein to let their voices be heard and look at these rights which are theirs, whether it was through video, photo, radio, written or spoken reports.

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Participatory rights at the heart of the process

Young Reporters allows children from French-speaking Switzerland and southern countries, girls and boys regardless of their origin, age, religion or legal status, to express themselves on the subjects of their choice in relation to their rights and to be heard by decision-makers and stakeholders in the matter.

Thus Enfants du Monde aims to help change mentalities by highlighting the observations and comments of children on the reality, respect and application of children's rights in Switzerland and around the world.

The project also enables children to acquire, develop and mobilise new skills (expression, representation, critical analysis, etc.) related to the full exercise of their rights.

Young Reporters protecting the youth

Following the success of the 2019 edition, Enfants du Monde and Terre des Hommes Suisse were delegated by the Adult and Youth Protection Services of Neuchâtel to carry out this project with the classes of the canton in 2020, within the framework of the “10months10rights” campaign.

Now I know exactly what racism is and I know about children's rights. It was cool to do the interviews. It's important to do a report to pass on your knowledge to others who pass it on, so there will be no more discrimination or racism. The children will have a better life.

Young reporter from Neuchâtel

Exposition Reporters des droits - Canton de NeuchâtelExhibition "Reporters des droits" of the 10months10rights campaign in the canton of Neuchâtel

Public education departments, youth promotion and protection services, neighborhood centers and all institutions working for the defense of children's rights are invited to contact our team at for more information on this programme.