photo exhibition “Through the Eyes of Childhood”

 When children express themselves through images


The children in developing countries, how do they view their reality? How do they perceive the world that surrounds them? What are their hopes for the future?

Enfants du Monde posed these questions to more than 100 children aged 6 to 14 in Switzerland, Bangladesh, India, Bolivia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Burkina Faso, and Madagascar. These children took and captioned more than 300 photos that, in their view, evoke wealth, poverty and the future. The result was the creation of an educational kit and the photo exhibition “Through the Eyes of Childhood”.

Photo exhibition "Through the Eyes of Childhood"

The exhibition is composed of 48 photos selected by a jury of Genevan children. It has always been a great success. Children often reveal unexpected notions that invite us to think about our own values. After seeing the exhibit, visitors have a different view of poverty and wealth that makes them question their own position.

You can display “Through the Eyes of Childhood” in your school, company or cultural space for a period of a week to a month. The exhibition is available in various formats.

Photo exhibition "Through the Eyes of Childhood" 

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Educational kit

The educational kit “Through the Eyes of Childhood” is aimed at students aged 9 to 15. It is a pedagogical tool for school use while teaching French, human and social sciences, media education and civic education. It exists only in French.

Taking the photos of “Through the Eyes of Childhood”, taken and captioned by children from the global North and South, as a starting point, students deal with the notions of wealth, poverty and the future.

 Educational kit "Through the Eyes of Childhood"

The kit includes:

  • An educational guide for the teacher that provides information on the photographs and proposes various activities
  • 34 photographs taken by children:
    • in A4 size, in colour, without captions
    • in small format, with captions
    • information on the context of the young photographers' lives
  • 34 captions written by these children
  • Annotated texts for further discussion

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