Madina, a schoolgirl in Burkina Faso


 Elève Madina au Burkina Faso

In many poor countries, girls’ education is considered as secondary; their parents cannot afford to pay school fees or do not see the purpose of it. Girls stay at home to take care of the household duties and usually get married early, when they are not exploited by firms or big farms.

Madina* is 9 years old and live in Burkina Faso. She has been enrolled in a school, supported by Enfants du Monde, with no school fees for 2 years.

Before, I used to follow my mother and help her with small duties around the house. I like going to school. I learn how to read and write in French and in Mooré.

Madina, élève au Burkina Faso 

In this school, Madina attends classes taught in French - the country’s official language, and in Mooré – her mother tongue. Thus, she improves more easily than she would in a public school (not free of charge) in which teaching is only provided in French.

Enfants du Monde also trains teachers to adapt school subjects and educational contents to the needs of the community. Hence, Madina develops essential knowledge to become autonomous and access a profession.

Girls who do not go to school do not know how to count. To go grocery shopping at the market, their parents cannot entrust them with the money. I know how to count. My parents send me and I come back with the exact change.

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*alias in order to protect the identity of our beneficiaries