education projects

The NGO Enfants du Monde offers children a better future


Enfants du Monde is improving education in five countries: Guatemala, Burkina Faso, Niger, Chad and Bangladesh. Every year, it enables more than 27,100 disadvantaged children, who have never been to school or have left school too early, to go to school and receive a quality education. Thanks to this education, these children are better protected against abuses, such as forced labour or child marriage, and have real prospects for the future. 

Our Swiss NGO offers disadvantaged children a quality primary education that helps them undertake vocational training or continue their studies. Thanks to the knowledge and skills acquired in primary school, they are well-equipped to pursue their education in secondary school or to do an apprenticeship and learn a trade.

Supporting girls' education

In our education projects, we pay particular attention to the education of girls, because in certain countries, the number of girls able to attend school is still very small. Forced to stay at home to help with household work, they have more difficulty in accessing education than boys. Our Swiss NGO supports the emancipation of girls by providing them with a quality basic education, so that they too can continue their studies, find work, support their families and lead independent lives.

As an NGO specialising in education, we also offers training to teachers and their trainers to ensure that their teaching is of high quality, adapted to the needs of the students and the environment in which they live. We offer, in particular, a Master's degree and continuing training in our pedagogical approach to teachers, trainers and supervisors.

In Switzerland and abroad, our NGO also works to raise awareness in schools. Students attend workshops, where they study the rights of the child, such as the right to education, including the extent to which these rights are respected around the world.