Enfants du Monde supports education projects in five countries


As part of its work for education, Enfants du Monde supports schools for disadvantaged children in Guatemala, Burkina Faso and Niger. These education projects enable more than 89,900 children, who have never attended school or who have had to leave school early, to receive a quality education. Thanks to the knowledge and skills they have acquired, they will be well-equipped, if they wish to do so, to continue their studies or to do an apprenticeship, and build a future for themselves in their country.

In addition, mandated by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, our Swiss NGO improves the quality of education in schools and literacy centres in Chad and Niger. In total, about 570,300 children, young people and adults are benefiting from this work.

Improving the quality of education

The education projects supported by Enfants du Monde aim to make sustainable improvements to the quality of teaching in developing countries. Our Swiss NGO therefore offers continuing training courses and a Master's degree for teachers and their trainers.

Through the training we offer, teachers and their trainers learn how to give lessons in the local language and the official language of the country that are tailored to the needs and environment of the students.

Enfants du Monde also collaborates with the Ministries of Education to improve the quality of national education programmes in the long term.

Click on the map to learn more about the education projects of our NGO Enfants du Monde in each of the countries where it works:

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