Enfants du Monde supports educational projects in Switzerland and elsewhere


As part of its humanitarian mission, Enfants du Monde intervenes in 4 countries in different parts of the world to improve access to quality primary education for thousands of disadvantages children. In Guatemala, Burkina Faso and Niger, our Swiss NGO carries out projects supported by the Ministries of Education that promote teaching practices adapted to the local cultural and linguistical context. These programmes, aimed in priority at children who have never attended school or who have dropped out too soon, allow them to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to continue their studies or start an apprenticeship and shape their future in their own country.

Since 2020, Enfants du Monde has also undertaken educational projects in emergency situations to send to school displaced children who are victims of the security crisis in Burkina Faso.

Apart from its own programmes, our organisation also steps in on behalf of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation to improve the quality of basic education in Chad and offer a second chance to out-of-school children in Niger.

From 2006 to 2016, our Swiss NGO has also conducted educational projects in Bangladesh to pull children away from poverty.

In Switzerland, Enfants du Monde runs educational projects about children’s rights, making school children actively get involved in favour of their rights.

Training teaching staff to an innovative pedagogy

The educational projects supported by Enfants du Monde aim at improving the quality of teaching in disadvantaged countries in the long term. Our association intervenes on several levels in the educational chain, for example by training the teaching staff to an active pedagogy and by developing innovative teaching materials.

In Guatemala, for instance, thanks to the bilingual and intercultural education programme, the teachers are trained to teach in Spanish, the country’s official language, as well as in the local languages, so: in Q’eqchi, Kaqchiquel and English.

In Benin, our Swiss NGO has set up a Master’s in Education called “Master in bilingualism and multilingualism and interculturality” in a partnership with the University of Abomé Calavi, one of the biggest universities in Benin.

Click on the map to learn more about the education projects of our NGO Enfants du Monde in each of the countries where it works:

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