education project in bangladesh

Enfants du Monde helps to lift children out of poverty


10-year-old Shusanto lives in a small village in northern Bangladesh. For years, he worked with his parents in the rice fields without which this farming family could not survive.

Nowadays, Shushanto is learning to read and write and is also having a go at computing, woodwork and pottery for the first time. Enfants du Monde supports several schools to help Bangladeshi children in rural areas of Dhaka. These schools are for children who have never been to school or have stopped attending school prematurely, and help to lift them out of poverty.

We pay special attention to girls' education in order to protect them from exploitation and curb the tradition of child marriage.

Our strengths:

  • More than 3,700 children and teenagers are benefiting from the education project.
  • Particular attention is given to girls’ education.
  • Children also take practical courses such as computing and pottery.
  • After four years' basic education, students continue their studies at state school or start an apprenticeship.
  • Teachers receive in-depth training enabling them to improve the quality of their teaching.

Enfants du Monde implements its education project in collaboration with its local partner, the Centre for Mass Education in Science (CMES).