education project in chad

Enfants du Monde helps to improve the quality of education


In Chad, more than half the children leave school during the first six years and only one in five children can read and write at the end of primary school. In order to help the children of Chad and enable them to receive a quality education, Enfants du Monde is improving the national education system in a sustainable way, on behalf of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. 

"Usually the teacher writes A and the student copies A, then the teacher writes O and the student copies O. The child does not try to find things out for himself," a teacher says. "Now, thanks to the training we have received, we have learned to present the pupils with situations and let them solve problems by thinking for themselves".

Our strengths:

  • About 529,700 children, young people and adults are benefiting from our education project.
  • Children learn to read and count after just a few weeks of teaching whereas, prior to our involvement, it would take them several months, or even years. 
  • Teaching methods employed by teachers have improved.
  • The teachers trainers, and those training the trainers, as well as head teachers and school inspectors are all better trained.
  • The lessons are taught in two languages - the official language and the local language.
  • The lesson content is tailored to meet the needs and interests of the local population. For instance, two stories ("Papa Vaya" and "The hyena, the monkey and the hare") were adapted and illustrated in French and Arabic. They will be used for the training of teachers so that they can teach their students to write in both languages.
  • Three pilot schools were opened in nomadic environment and more than 120 children, half of them girls, are benefiting from them.
  • Enfants du Monde has supported the opening of three vocational training centreers in the Moyen-Chari region, in the south of the country. 90 adults, mostly women, are doing a one-year training course there in sheep and goat farming.
  • The Ministry of Education and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation are enthusiastic about the first recorded results.