education project in guatemala

Enfants du Monde helps children to learn better


In Guatemala, many children, especially those of Mayan origin, still cannot read or write after several years of primary education.  Even at the end of their compulsory education, they often lack basic skills.

In order to improve the quality of their education, and thus help the children of Guatemala to have better life prospects, Enfants du Monde is training the teachers in 208 state schools in the north-east and center of the country.

At the State’s request, they receive four years' training and learn how to encourage children to participate actively in their learning, and to think critically, how to deliver a bilingual education and to offer courses suited to the context and the culture of the Mayan peoples.

Thanks to this quality education, the Mayan children of Guatemala are acquiring knowledge and skills that will lift them out of poverty. They will be able to build a future in their own country.

Our strengths:

  • More than 12,600 children are benefiting from the education project and are more proficient in reading, writing and arithmetic than other Mayan pupils of their age in Guatemala.
  • Teaching is adapted to their context: the local Mayan language is taught in addition to Spanish, and Mayan culture is also passed on to the children.
  • About 240 teachers receive in-depth teacher training.
  • The Ministry of Education has stated that it is convinced by the pedagogical approach advocated by Enfants du Monde, and is gradually integrating it into its teacher training programme.
  • The University of San Carlos in Guatemala offers a specialisation for teacher trainers.

Enfants du Monde implements its education project with local partners, notably the National Directorate for Bilingual and Intercultural Education, as well as local branches in the Department of Alta Verapaz and the Chimaltenango region, the Guatemalan Academy for Mayan Languages, and the Educational Consortium for Indigenous Nawom Komonil Peoples.