training of teachers and trainers

Enfants du Monde helps to give teachers better training


Millions of children leave school every year without acquiring the basic skills they need for life. In many countries, the quality of education remains inadequate, as in some African countries where it is estimated that one in three pupils still cannot read a single sentence.

Enfants du Monde proposes a pedagogical approach known as ''Pedagogy of Text'' in order to improve the quality of teaching. When teachers use this approach, their students learn not only to read and write but also to make better use of what they have learned in their daily lives. Lessons are taught in two languages (the local language and the country's official language) and are adapted to the children's social and cultural context.

In addition, Enfants du Monde offers a Master’s programme and continuing professional education in Pedagogy of Text in order to provide better training for teachers, teacher trainers and supervisors. Among other things, they learn to teach their lessons more effectively and arouse the interest of their pupils through content and activites tailored to their needs. The three-year Master’s programme alternates between theory sessions and practical work, thereby allowing participants to put into practice what they have learned.


Our strengths:

  • About 30 teacher trainers are currently enrolled in a specialist course in bilingual and intercultural education at the public University of San Carlos in Guatemala.
  • About 35 trainers of trainers and/or teacher trainers, from several West African countries, are currently studying for a Master's Degree in Pedagogy of Text at the University of Cotonou in Benin
  • Ministry of Education officials from other countries participate in these various training courses so that they can contribute to the improvement of the quality of education in their own country.
  • Numerous continuing training courses for teachers take place every year in Asia, Africa and Latin America.
  • When the performance of schools using the Pedagogy of Text approach is assessed, they are found to have excellent attedance figures and pass rates, and low dropout rates by comparison with other schools.

Enfants du Monde implements its educational training projects in collaboration with the universities and Education Ministries of the countries concerned.