our approach on health

Health promotion in poorer countries


In order to improve the health of pregnant women, mothers and babies, Enfants du Monde bases its work on the IFC approach to health: "Working with individuals, families and communities" developed by the World Health Organization (WHO). Our aim is to incorporate this approach in the health strategies of the countries where we work, which often neglect the involvement of communities and primarily focus on the infrastructure and reinforcement of health services instead.

This approach to community health enables us to prevent the main causes of mortality for women and babies during pregnancy and childbirth. For example, it strengthens family resources and, on a larger scale, community resources, in order to improve the health of pregnant women, mothers and babies. Furthermore, this approach facilitates access to health services and promotes uptake of health services in poor countries.


Our strengths:

  • In the health approach promoted by Enfants du Monde, emphasis is put on developing community driven initiatives aiming to overcome obstacles encountered by pregnant women in accessing care and to improve the quality of advice they receive. In this way, communities help identify the main issues within maternal and new-born health and participate in finding solutions.
  • An advocacy for government action is carried out to encourage favourable public policies regarding the health of pregnant women, mothers and babies.
  • The counselling and communication skills of health care workers are strengthened through continuous training.
  • Our system of monitoring and evaluating initiatives within maternal and new-born child health is reinforced.
  • University training courses on the IFC approach are offered in Colombia for health programme leaders of several Latin American countries.
  • Initiatives within the health sector, as well as between the health sector and other sectors such as education or agriculture, are better coordinated.