our health work

Enfants du Monde supports health projects in 5 countries


In its health efforts, Enfants du Monde supports health projects for pregnant women, mothers and babies in Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, El Salvador, Madagascar and Tansania.In addition, in Colombia, we offer a university training course in maternal and neonatal health for government health programme managers in Latin America.

Improving access

Our Swiss NGO is, for example, meeting with local people in order to work together on solutions which will make it easier for them to access quality health care.

Educating local people

Our health work focuses particularly on offering health education courses to the local people.

We explain to pregnant women and their families how to take more responsibility for their health. They can then carry out self-checks more often and in this way protect themselves from the risks associated with pregnancy and childbirth.

Better training for professionals

As part of its health efforts, our Swiss NGO offers and also conducts training sessions in counselling for healthcare professionals. They learn how to improve care for their patients as well as the quality of the follow-up provided.

Click on the map to find out more about the health projects of Enfants du Monde in each of the countries where we work.

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