health project in banglADESH

Enfants du Monde promotes better access to health


In Bangladesh, each year, thousands of children lose their mothers. 176 women out of 100,000 die from complications relating to pregnancy or childbirth.* This need not be the case.

The Enfants du Monde project in Bangladesh helps improve access to healthcare as well as the quality of care for pregnant women, mothers and babies.

In the district of Netrokona, in the North of the country, for example, medical centres exist but they are practically inaccessible because they are so remote, roads are in such poor repair and there is a lack of public transport.

In the centre of the country, in the Brahmanbaria district where our NGO has been active since 2017, we offer training in counselling to healthcare workers. They learn how to take better care of pregnant women, mothers and their babies and thus to improve the quality of care provided.

 Our strengths:

  • More than 49'800 pregnant women, young mothers and new-borns benefit from our health project.
  • Midwives and health professionals receive training courses in counselling and communication.
  • During information sessions, pregnant women and their families learn how to prepare for the birth and how to prevent possible complications.
  • Rickshaw ambulances, specially designed for emergency situations, have been made available.

Enfants du Monde collaborates with local partners ICDDR,B (International Centre for Diarrhoea/ Disease Research) and BRAC as well as the Ministry of Health in Bangladesh.

*Source: World Health Organisation