health project in haiti

Enfants du Monde trains healthcare professionals


Enfants du Monde does not currently have an ongoing health project in Haïti.

In Haïti, when a pregnant woman has a health problem, she will first seek help from traditional healers before going to a health centre. Unfortunately, many women die as a result of these traditional remedies. They die because they did not receive appropriate health care in time.

In many cases, these deaths are due to complications which could have been easily remedied if the woman had gone directly to a health centre to be seen by a qualified health worker.

Enfants du Monde's health programme in Haiti therefore aims to improve care for pregnant women, mothers and their babies. To do this, our Swiss NGO meets with local communities to identify the main problems of access to healthcare and to find solutions together.

Midwives have also been recruited to improve the medical care of pregnant women and mothers. 

Our strengths:

  • More than 14,100 pregnant women, young mothers and babies benefit from our health programme in Dufour and Delatte, two communities in the Petit and Grand Goâve region of Western Haiti.
  • Midwives and health workers receive training on counselling women and families on maternal and new-born health care.
  • The health project brings together health workers, traditional healers, families, and local communities in Haiti in order to find the best solutions to these problems collectively.

Enfants du Monde works in partnership with Doctors of the World Spain, local organisations, and the Ministry of Health in Haiti.

Watch the TV report of "Esprit solidaire", broadcast on Léman Bleu on August 27, 2019, dedicated to our health project in Haiti: