training of health care providers

To improve care for mothers and babies


In Colombia, Enfants du Monde, together with the University of Antioquia, provides a continuous training programme in maternal health and pediatry.

The people in charge of the health care programmes are trained in the health care approach promoted by the World Health Organisation, the ''Working with Individuals, Families and Communities to improve maternal and newborn health'' (IFC).


During this healthcare training, the participants learn how to:

  • Improve the access to and the quality of health care for mothers and children in their respective countries.
  • Pay more attention to the opinions of the local population, help them to evaluate health problems and involve them in the search for solutions.
  • Establish a health care programme which takes into account the specific needs of the population.
  • Analyse the programme for reducing maternal and infant mortality rates in their country by linking it with international programmes and regional strategies with the same objective.

Enfants du monde is implementing this health training programme in collaboration with the University of Antioquia, local partners Centro Nacer and Cleba (Corporacion Educativa Laubach), the Pan American Health Organization and the World Health Organization.


Corporación Educativa Laubach