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COVID-19 : Actualités liées aux activités d'Enfants du Monde

Keep up to date with the development of our activities and programmes in countries affected by the COVID-19 pandemic where we work.

Enfants du Monde | Rapport Annuel 2020

Key figures for 2020, a year marked by the health crisis which required changes in our activities.

Inondations au Guatemala, novembre 2020 © CIPREVICA

400 families of which 1200 children from Alta Verapaz require assistance following the passage of tropical storms Eta and Iota last November.

Joyeuses fêtes et meilleurs voeux 2021!

The Enfants du Monde team thanks you for your precious support in 2020 and wishes you all the best for 2021.

Let’s look back at the highlights of 2020!

Mère et son bébé au Bangladesh © Enfants du Monde

Every day, more than 800 women die across the world due to complications from pregnancy and childbirth, deaths that for the most part are easily preventable.

Élève au Burkina Faso

In some countries in Africa, 1 in 3 students who complete primary education does not know how to read a sentence. We need your help to take action!

Find out how Enfants du Monde is supporting El Salvador's Ministry of Health in its fight against the spread of COVID-19.

Formation à distance d'un enseignante au Guatemala ©Enfants du Monde

In collaboration with Enfants du Monde, the Guatemalan Ministry of education will offer online training for teachers to improve the quality of bilingual and intercultural education.

Livraison de matériel contre la COVID-19 à El Salvador © Enfants du Monde

Learn more on how Enfants du Monde is supporting the Salvadorian Ministry of Health in its fight against the spread of COVID-19.

Livraison de matériel radiophonique à Chimaltenango et Alta Verapa © Ministère de l'Education du Guatemala

In Guatemala, the return to school will not take place before 2021. Enfants du monde is supporting the Ministry of Education in the development of educational radio broadcasts.