Deux enfants mayas bénéficiant d'une éducation bilingue de qualité10.03.2012 - Thanks to the favourable results of the Enfants du Monde's education programme in Guatemala, the Department of Education of Guatemala has introduced the teaching approach recommended by Enfants du Monde in its teaching programme.

Thus, this approach is applied in more than 40 state schools in Northern Guatemala, and since August, the public University of San Carlos of Guatemala in Guatemala City and in Cobán offers a Master's Degree in Pedagogy of the Text to 40 Guatemalan lecturers and lecturers trainers. The Master's Degree aims to improve teaching quality and more particularly to enable the professionals in education who work for the Maya populations to learn how to promote the bilingual learning and how to pass local cultural values down.

Our teaching programme in Guatemala

Our training programme in Guatemala