altIn Niger, only 3 out of 10 girls go to school. Thanks to Enfants du Monde, Shawa'atu Shaibu was nevertheless put through school.


L'artiste haïtien Woody Pèp chantera à la fin de l'Assemblée générale d'Enfants du Monde


The Haitian artist Woody Pep to perform at the end of our General Assembly in Geneva, Wednesday June 13.

Débat sur la santé maternelle avec la responsable santé d'Enfants du Monde


On Thursday, June 7 2012 a debate on the involvement of associations in favor of the health of mothers in the world will be held.

portrait de Kadi, bénéficiaire des écoles d'Enfants du Monde

Many young people in Niger leave to work in neighbouring countries so they can escape hardship. Kadi decided to try his luck at home. And he succeeded…

"Here, in Guatemala, people think that country people are not very smart and they can't learn well."

Couverture du rapport annuel d'Enfants du Monde

In its annual report 2011, Enfants du Monde presents how a quality education combined with professional training allows youth to stay in their communities and help instead of emigrating.

un garçon dans une école au Niger

In Niger, only three out of ten girls and four out of ten boys go to school.


Kerstin Blidi-Schmidt has been recruited following our colleague Myriam Ernst’s decision to take a year off in order to travel.

Le généreux donateur Walo SuterA Swiss national, Walo Suter, has offered a better future to many children, to girls in particular, by making a considerable donation.

 In Guatemala, many children finish their education at primary level because the secondary school is too far away from their village.