altIn the February 2011 newsletter, Enfants du Monde presents the daily life of a young seamstress in Niger.


altAt the end of 2010, Peter Arnold joined the Enfants du Monde programs committee.


altRecently, the “Second Chance School” project, supported by Enfants du Monde in Niger was extended to the Tahoua region at the Sahel border.


altAgain, until mid-march, Enfants du Monde is partner of the Swiss shopping website Give-Me Hope.



The «Second Chance School» project sustained by Enfants du Monde in Niger is currently presented online at


You wish to extend your commitment to underprivileged children? With a legacy, you ensure that your solidarity of today continues well into the future.

On Friday, January 28th, the newspaper “Le Courrier” published a page about the socioeconomic situation of Guatemala and the schools which Enfants du Monde supports in the North of the country.



altThe Ministry of Health in El Salvador has started to reform the health sector based on the approach proposed by Enfants du Monde.


altSince 2001, Enfants du Monde has been supporting 5 bilingual and intercultural schools in Guatemala.


altLe 12 janvier 2010, un terrible tremblement de terre touchait Haïti amenant chaos et désolation. Une année s’est écoulée, mais les effets de ce séisme se font encore sentir et les activités quotidiennes n’ont pas toutes reprises.