altI’ve been helping them as a volunteer because this association contributes to meeting educational needs across the world and it is linked to my teaching program at the university.

altAfter the success of the play "The drift of the King" in 2009, Enfants du Monde is taking part again in the production of a musical, but this time with a school.

altEnfants du Monde supports educational programs for underpriviliedged children as well as training courses for teachers.

altAs of tomorrow, Thursday 9th of September, more than 30,000 youth will be shaking up Switzerland.

altIn its August 2010 information report, Enfants du Monde is presenting the situation of the children in Burkina Faso, one of the poorest countries in the world.

altEnfants du Monde has been presenting its program aiming at improving maternal and child health in Salvador on Fengarion.

altTougma Téné Sankara is the coordinator of Enfants du Monde in Burkina Faso. A Burkinabé himself, he knows the hard reality of the Sahel.

altIn Bel Air, a poor neighbourhood in Port-au-Prince, where Enfants du Monde is funding a kindergarten and a training centre for young people, the inhabitants do not give in to hopelessness.

altEnfants du Monde does not only contribute financially to its education and health programs, but also technically, particularly through the training of trainers, teachers, health carers and  staff of local partners.

altEnfants du Monde will be present as of tomorrow, July 6, at Cinélac in Geneva with an advertisement and on buses and trams in the city of Zurich with posters and postcards.