The third semester of the Master in Benin has begun.

01.06 - 01.07.18
Quai Wilson, Geneva

Parc du Château-Pictet
Grand-Saconnex (GE)

Quai Mont-Blanc

This last issue is devoted to education in Burkina Faso and Enfants du Monde’s teaching approach.

This fall marks a milestone in the cooperation between Enfants du Monde and the Burkinabe State.

The third issue features an article on the difficult health situation facing women in Bangladesh.

This year again, Enfants du Monde will be partner of the “Run to Run” race that will take place on September 23th in Carouge (GE).

Le projet de santé d’Enfants du Monde est désormais déployé au centre-est du pays.

Enfants du Monde’s health project has now been deployed in East Central Bangladesh.