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Enfants du Monde supports schools in rural areas in order to offer prospects to young people.

Find out about our education projects in Bangladesh, and meet the new President of the board.

Enfants du Monde has recently begun supporting four schools in Dhaka and the training of their teachers.

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Maksuda, 11 years of age, lives in one of the 4'000 slums of Dhaka. Her family migrated from the countryside to earn a better living. Now, they only have the meagre wages of her mother, a cleaner, and her brother, an artisan, to live on. However, Maksuda is lucky, because she can go to school, unlike many other children in her neighbourhood. This means she can already be of help to her parents who can’t read or write. Later, she will be able to find a job which will help her have a better


Laurent Guye has been elected as the new president  of Enfants du Monde.

Go to school but leave without skills: Enfants du Monde redresses this problem.

Our office is closed from December 25th 2014 until January 1st 2015.

In Burkina Faso, Enfants du Monde is helping to reduce the high mortality rate among pregnant women.