Working as volunteers, Santiago Prieto (Colombia) and Nicholas Trumble (United Kingdom) have put together a film and set it to music to celebrate Enfants du Monde’s first 45 years.

In Burkina Faso, programmes to raise awareness of the benefits of assisted delivery are bearing fruit. However, even if they wish to give birth at the maternity hospital, many women cannot get there in time and are forced to have their baby at home.

The Annual general meeting of Enfants du Monde will take place on 20 June in Geneva.

In Burkina Faso, significant progress has been made in terms of access to education.

On Tuesday 28th May 2013 the Swiss network for education and international cooperation (RECI) is running a day conference focussing on the diversity of educational provision.

Enfants du Monde’s “Song for Education” project aims to help children realise how important it is for everyone to have a quality education.

In the latest Mond’Info, you can meet Pedro Quib Choc, Kombou and Alimata.


Pedro Choc has been teaching for seven years at Peña Blanca in a bilingual Q’eqchi’- Spanish Maya school.

The Global Campaign for Education’s Action Week is taking place from 21-27 April 2013.

alt In Burkina Faso, disadvantaged children need to have time outside school to help their parents.