Between now and 2015, Chad is committed to ensuring universal access for children to a quality education and to halving the number of illiterate adults.

In Bangladesh, one of the seven poorest countries in the world, many children are obliged to work so they can contribute to the family income. So they have to give up their education and their hopes for a better future.

The entire team of Enfants du Monde would like to thank you for your faithful support and wishes you a wonderful year 2013.


To spend Christmas in a happy, original and social way, think of Enfants du Monde! Give a gift to underpriviledged children and to your loved ones by  offering a sponsorship.

La couverture de notre bulletin d'information

In the latest Mond’Info, you will discover how, in Burkina Faso, husbands are getting involved in helping their pregnant wives, despite the weight of tradition.


Un enfant au Guatemala

Enfants du Monde is a partner of the Filmar Latin American film festival.

Les enfants participant au projet "Une chanson pour l'éducation"

Over 800 French-speaking Swiss students participated in the “Song for Education” project.

Le logo du réseau Medicus Mundi Suisse

The Medicus Mundi Switzerland symposium will take place on Tuesday 6 November.

Bénéficiaire du programme d'éducation d'Enfants du Monde au Burkina Faso

Enfants du Monde has entered into a partnership with “L’Observateur”, a privately owned daily newspaper in Burkina Faso.


Thanks to the favourable results of the Enfants du Monde's education programme in Guatemala, the Department of Education of Guatemala has introduced the teaching approach recommended by Enfants du Monde in its teaching programme.