A mother and her baby benefit from our health programme in Burkina Faso08.09.2015 - At the end of last year, during our “Become a mother, save another” campaign, Enfants du Monde raised funds to increase aid to pregnant women, mothers and their babies in Mangodara, an impoverished region of southwest Burkina Faso. In Mangodara, many women die due to pregnancy-related complications, even though these deaths could be easily preventable. Unfortunately, many of these women do not have the information they need to properly prepare for childbirth.

Thanks to your support and your donations, more than 11,500 women and over 9,000 newborns have benefitted from better access to health treatment and quality medical follow-ups.

Pregnant women in Mangodara receive a childbirth preparation card which allows them to be better organized for the big day. They discuss and plan with their families, for example, how they will get to the hospital and who will accompany them. Future mothers also learn, thanks to illustrated explanations, how to recognize possible complication symptoms that may occur during pregnancy to know when they should get to a health center quickly.

Your donations also allow us to train medical personnel on maternal and neonatal health issues. More than 450 health workers will be able to provide quality health services by receiving proper training.

More information about our health project in Burkina Faso