With its national campaign “Become a mother, save another”, Enfants du Monde is receiving donations in order to save the lives of future mothers and their babies in the South West of Burkina Faso. In the region of Mangadora, many women are still dying from complications linked to pregnancy or childbirth.

Thanks to your support, we have already managed to decrease maternal mortality rates in Central Eastern Burkina Faso. For example the two pregnant women, Bayratou and Adjara, have followed awareness sessions to learn how to prevent complications, and to be well prepared for their childbirth. Their pregnancy is also followed by well-trained health staff.

Your donation allows 11’000 women in Mangodara to benefit from such health courses, treatment given by a qualified medical professional, and to have quick and easy access to treatment.

With 50 francs, you allow for 122 pregnant women to learn how to prepare themselves for childbirth: Make a donation.

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