2020.05.08 EdM EducationTchad 600x336pxIn Chad, Enfants du Monde carries out several activities within the framework of the “Programme for the Promotion of the Quality of Basic Education” on the mandate of the Swiss Directorate for Development and Cooperation (SDC), co-financed by the Agence Française de Développement (AFD).

As a result of the coronavirus epidemic, schools have closed and education has had to be suspended. In order to continue to provide training for 1,620 future teachers trained in the four teacher training colleges in our intervention provinces during this period, Enfants du Monde has set up distance training.

Detailed modules for each level

For level 1 master students, two training modules are developed in French and in Mathematics. For level 2 master students, we focus on how to ensure the transmission of knowledge in the different subjects taught. The teaching is structured around the issues and themes experienced by the Chadian populations.

Training sessions in audio and video format

20 teaching-learning sessions, each of 10-15 minutes, are produced in French and Mathematics for each level, a total of 40 lessons. Since Internet connections are unreliable and often cut, it was decided to send a memory card with the recorded lessons to each teacher at the École Normale d’Instituteurs.

Personalised support

In order to support each teacher through the recorded lessons during training at the École Normale d’Instituteurs, discussion sessions are organised at the end of each week by Skype or telephone call with the 23 designated tutors. In this way, within the four teacher training colleges, a total of 98 teachers will be trained.

The same system set up for teachers will be replicated for student teachers. Each of them will have access to the recorded lessons and the accompanying exercises and assignments.