Schools in Burkina Faso and Niger supported by Enfants du Monde have reopened after temporary closure in response to the spread of COVID-19. Enfants du Monde provided support to ensure that educational activities can be resumed in complete safety.

Preserving a fragile education system

The quality of education and access to schooling are major problems in Burkina Faso and Niger. Lack of suitable education means that many children do not go to school or drop out early. The consequences are disastrous: in Burkina Faso, around 50% of children do not attend school and about two in three people cannot read or write as adults.

Enfants du Monde has been working in these two countries for many years as part of its education programmes. During the COVID-19 crisis, our activities had to be adapted, or even suspended, following measures taken by governments to stop the spread of the infection. We have worked closely with our local partners to monitor the situation on the ground and thus provide effective support to the Ministries of Education in their national response to the epidemic.

Take action to protect pupils

Schools finally reopened in late May in Burkina Faso and early June in Niger. Enfants du Monde provided financial support for various actions aimed at ensuring the protection of pupils and teaching staff.

In Burkina Faso, pupils in 13 classes and the school management committee received 1,230 masks, 26 hand washing stations and 40 bars of soap per class. In addition, in order to support the poorest families and enable the children to have a meal, we distributed oil as well as sacks of rice and beans to keep the canteens running smoothly.

Ecoliers portant des masques de protection au Burkina FasoProtective masks were distributed to schools in Burkina Faso.2020 06 EdM Burkina COVID distribution masques et gel écoles 450x550Handwashing stations in Burkina Faso.

In Niger, protection kits for pupils, containing handwashing stations, fabric masks and hydro-alcoholic gel, were distributed in the “second chance schools” that we support.

Ecoliers portant des masques de protection au NigerProtective masks were distributed to schools in Niger.Ecolière se lavant les mains au gel hydro-alcoolique au NigerSchoolgirl from Niger disinfecting her hands.

Support our work

Support our actions to tackle COVID-19 in the countries where we work by making a donation. With 100.-CHF, you finance the purchase of 125 protective masks for schoolchildren in Burkina Faso. Thank you for your invaluable support !