In Bangladesh, a country with more than 160 million people and one of the highest population density rates in the world, the public health system is fragile, having few and underequipped intensive care services. Health services, especially in rural areas, are not prepared to identify cases and do follow-ups with people who have tested positive for COVID-19 and are in confinement. In addition, due to lack of personal protective equipment and the irregular application of preventive measures, health personnel become themselves vectors of COVID-19 transmission.

The "Esprit Solidaire" show on Léman Bleu, broadcasted on June 2nd, wanted to know about the COVID-19 situation in Asia, particularly in Bangladesh, one of the countries where Enfants du Monde is active. Find out how we are facing the crisis here (video in French):

Enfants du Monde has been operating in Bangladesh in the area of maternal and newborn health since 2007, mainly by providing training to community health workers and organising information sessions about maternal health in villages and towns via our local partner BRAC (Building Resources Across Communities).

It is only natural, then, that we decided to redirect a part of our resources to COVID-19 prevention, having in mind the protection of future mothers and health personnel in the Sarail and Kasba districts, where our actions take place.

Thanks to our actions, 316 health providers will be trained on COVID-19, with emphasis on the particularities of maternal and newborn health; personal protection equipment (masks, glasses, gloves, etc.) will be distributed to 871 care providers working in community hospitals and clinics. In Bangla, posters addressed to pregnant women were made.

If you are worried about the situation in Bangladesh due to COVID-19 and want to help us provide better quality healthcare, get involved!

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