Bangladesh éducation en zones rurales21.04.2015 – Liza, 13 years old, comes from a poor family living in a rural area in northern Bangladesh. Unlike other young people, she does not dream of leaving for the capital, Dhaka, in search of a better future.

Liza is doing an apprenticeship as a seamstress in one of the schools supported by Enfants du Monde. This gives her future prospects in her home area. Once she has completed her training, it will be possible for Liza to ask for a microloan  from  the school. And she intends to make good use of it: “I would like to open my own workroom here, in my village. I am convinced that I’ll have a bright future”.

Today, Liza is already earning money, thanks to the clothes she makes which are sold by the school. “As I can support my family and as I am learning many useful things at school, my parents do not want me to get married early”. Thanks to the training they receive, many of the girls also escape premature marriage and possible exploitation in the textile factories of the capital.

Enfants du Monde supports 92 schools in the rural areas of Bangladesh. As a result, more than 3,000 children and young people get 5 years’ quality basic education and can do an apprenticeship.

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