A mother and her baby benefit from our health project in Burkina Faso29.03.2016 – Enfants du Monde’s health projects on maternal and child health are based on the principle that each person can have the resources to care for their own health. In addition, the association make the local population participate in identifying maternal and neonatal health issues and finding solutions:

• In Burkina Faso, for example, during meetings organised by Enfants du Monde, the local population noted that access to health centres is a real problem. In view of this, the villages decided to take action and remedy the situation by fixing the roads and installing waiting homes for pregnant women. These homes allow women to spend the last days of their pregnancy close to the health centre where they will give birth assisted by qualified medical staff.

• In Bangladesh, pregnant women and their families learn how to better care for their health, how to prepare for giving birth, and how to prevent and detect potential complications.

• In El Salvador, the health workers of the entire country are trained to apply the approach promoted by Enfants du Monde, which makes them more aware of and responsive to the needs of locals.
The approach adopted by Enfants du monde is called “Working with individuals, families and communities to improve maternal and newborn health” (IFC) and was developed by the World Health Organization.

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