Catty Jennifer Chavarria qui suit une formation en éducation d'Enfants du Monde20.07.2015 – Catty Jennifer Chavarria, aged 36, teaches in a village in the north east of Guatemala. In her class, it’s not just her pupils who have made progress over the past year, she has too. In fact, this teacher is receiving training in the approach known as Pedagogy of the Text developed by Enfants du Monde. Consequently, she has particularly learnt how to encourage her pupils to participate more during lessons. Commenting on the outcome, she says: “The children participate more, they ask questions and are more interested than before.”

In this pedagogical approach, a bilingual education – in local and national languages – and the transfer of the local culture are also promoted. Catty Chavarria explains: “I teach my pupils Maya maths which I used to do before in much less detail. And now, my pupils can read and write in two languages.”

In Guatemala, 800 teachers are trained in the Pedagogy of the Text approach.

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