A school supported by Enfants du Monde in Guatemala

24.01.2017 – In a cooperation agreement signed with the Minister of Education in Guatemala, Enfants du Monde is responsible for improving the quality of primary education in the northeast and centre of the country. Until 2019, Enfants du Monde will be providing training for teachers in primary schools as well as for head teachers, inspectors and for those training the teachers.

In 2016, 633 teachers benefitted from continuous training. As a result, 18,650 Maya children, in 208 state schools, now receive a better quality primary education and their success rates have improved. They now learn to read and write more rapidly and take a more active part in lessons.

In the educational approach developed by Enfants du Monde, Pedagogy of the Text, teachers learn how to deliver lessons in two languages (Spanish and the local Maya language), to develop content linked to Maya culture, to include practical activities and how to motivate their pupils.

Enfants du Monde has been working in the northeast of Guatemala for 15 years, and in the centre of the country since 2016, in Chimaltenango department.   These are regions where most of the population is of Maya origin and very poor.

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