Projet de formation des enseignants et formateurs d'enseignants au Guatemala14.03.2017 - In Benin and Guatemala, Enfants du Monde has started two new training programmes at university level, aimed at teachers and teacher trainers. Both are based on the Pedagogy of Text, the pedagogical approach created and promoted by Enfants du Monde. These courses aim to improve the quality of teaching, as well as life perspectives of disadvantaged children.

In October 2016, about thirty teacher trainers started a one-year specialisation in pedagogy at the national public university of San Carlos in Guatemala. The participants who pass the first stage will be able to continue the training until 2020 and obtain a Masters in bilingual and intercultural education.

At the university of Abomey-Calavi, in Cotonou, Benin, almost thirty students started the Masters course in bi-plurilingual and intercultural education in February 2017. The programme will be spread over four semesters, of which four months will be instructor-led. The rest of the course will be completed remotely, via an online forum, some practical work in local schools and videoconferences between Geneva and Cotonou. A distinctive feature of this training is that is has been created by a team of two people - an experienced professor from the North and an assistant professor from the South. This ensures a continuity of knowledge and succession in teaching staff. In fact, a lot of teachers in the South will soon be retiring.

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