Mère bénéficiaire de notre projet de santé en Haïti10.05.2016 – In Haiti, many women don’t receive medical monitoring during their pregnancy and give birth at home without any medical assistance. Oftentimes, reaching a health clinic can take many hours, and it is up to the patient to cover the costs of medicine and medical equipment. Moreover, local traditions and beliefs push women towards consulting with traditional doctors and voodoo healers when aches or other ills arise. Because of this, many women and babies die whenever an emergency or complications occur.

Enfants du Monde raises awareness among expectant mothers about the importance of medical examinations during pregnancy and offers health courses to inform them about risk signs. In this way, pregnant women are encouraged to do the recommended prenatal checkups and to go to a health center in the event they feel ill or suffer any pain. Furthermore, Enfants du Monde provides all the medicine and medical equipment, and pays for salaries and for the health staff’s training. This allows women to give birth in a fully equipped health center assisted by a qualified health personnel.

More than 1,700 pregnant women and babies benefit from our health project in Haiti. Find more information.