Organizational Meeting 2019 of Swiss NGO Enfants du MondeFrom February 27 to March 5, Enfants du Monde held its organizational meeting.
Like every year, the Geneva team had the pleasure of welcoming their field colleagues from all the different territorial offices. And, as every year, the programme had changed quite a bit!

Rather than a simple assessment of the work done throughout 2018, this institutional week was, more than anything else, a chance for all collaborators to continue their strategic planning work. The goal of this work, which began last October, is to help define the association's course of action and overall guidelines with the view to 2030.
To achieve this, a two-day workshop was organised and carried out with the help of external consultants. Collaborators were split into different workgroups, where they brainstormed, exchanged opinions, and made proposals about issues directly linked to the mission and the work of the association. In fact, the workshop had a well-defined objective: to engage the entire team and have everyone participate to find common ideas. Once identified, these ideas will be used to elaborate strategic approaches that will be submitted to an Enfants du Monde committee, and then used to define the association's work plan.

This week of work and exchanges has also enabled a host of discussions about the link between different issues, such as education and health or education and sustainable development. Depending on the chosen approaches, these might become Enfants du Monde's fields of expertise in the future.

And lastly, the meeting of all our collaborators also provided the opportunity to visit the Chaplin Museum at Vevey and share a warm moment together.