Quality education in NigerAt the end of January, our Deputy Secretary General Myriam Gallio flew to Niger for a mission. There, she participated in a review workshop of the experimental program to improve education in the region of Tahoua led by the local NGO Monde des Enfants with the technical and financial support of Enfants du Monde. It is clear that the program has paid off!

Over more than ten years, and in collaboration with the Nigerian state, thousands of young people aged 9 to 14 from rural areas have had access to quality education. And the girls were the first beneficiaries thanks to the close collaboration with local communities. Thus, in the end, they represented 60% of the children who benefited from the program, which is quite unusual in the country. Keeping them in school has also helped to reduce certain practices, such as early marriage, and to promote their social emancipation. More about the education improvement program in Niger: http://bit.ly/2EhNMOy