Enfants du Monde's health project in Bangladesh 19.01.2016 – In Netrokona district, a very poor area in the north of Bangladesh, the majority of pregnant women do not have the necessary knowledge to take good care of themselves and do not recognise the danger signs related to pregnancy.  Furthermore, husbands take all the decisions regarding the health of their wives, though they are not better informed.

In addition, mothers-to-be generally give birth at home with their family or with a traditional midwife, who is not trained. Consequently, many women and new-borns die during pregnancy or following birth, from avoidable causes.

Enfants du Monde is getting involved by offering awareness sessions for pregnant women and their families on maternal and neonatal health. Women learn how to take better care of their bodies for example by following a balanced diet and avoiding heavy work during pregnancy. They are also given a childbirth preparation card, which explains what to expect during childbirth, how to recognise danger signs and the importance of being attended by a qualified midwife. This card also helps them discuss with their husbands and to be well prepared for childbirth. The mothers-to-be also learn about the importance of regular prenatal check-ups.

Over 5,900 mothers-to-be benefit from these awareness-raising sessions and are therefore better informed and able to act quickly in case of complications.

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