Une mère et son bébé bénéficient de notre projet de santé au Salvador23.06.2015 – In 2006, Enfants du Monde launched a health project in two municipalities in El Salvador in order to reduce the particularly high maternal mortality rate. Instead of following the State health strategy and focussing on the treatment to be given, Enfants du Monde introduced a new way of working.

First of all, Enfants du Monde organised meetings with the population in order to gain a better understanding of their health. Through these discussions, significant factors causing maternal mortality were identified which – up to now – had been overlooked or ignored. The population complained about the lack of transport and the huge distances between the villages and the health centres. A lack of knowledge on maternal and neonatal health was also expressed and the poor quality of care.

In order to bridge these gaps, Enfants du Monde set up awareness and health education workshops for pregnant women and their families, improved access to care, and trained health workers in providing advice. The Ministry of Health, convinced by the positive outcomes, swiftly adopted the Enfants du Monde way of working into its own work strategy.

Thanks to the involvement of the population, targeted solutions can be put in place and the health of the population is improving. This project, once local, now covers the whole country and the maternal mortality rate has reduced.

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