Health project in Bangladesh - Birth preparation card 19.05.2015 – As well as balance sheets and accounts, the 2014 annual report from Enfants du Monde also includes updates on:

- our training programme, in which a Guatemalan teacher, Catty Jennifer Chavarria, tells how she is learning how to improve her lessons. She has since noticed that her pupils have better results.

- our education programme, telling the story of Achira, a girl of 15. She is one of the many girls in Niger, who has been able to benefit from a primary education in one of the schools supported by Enfants du Monde. These schools work with young people who have never been to school.  

- our health programme, as implemented in Burkina Faso for example. The Secretary General of the Ministry of Health says why the country uses the approach promoted by Enfants du Monde which advocates the full participation of beneficiaries in order to combat maternal and neonatal mortality.

- our networking and awareness raising activities in Switzerland.

We hope you enjoy reading the report!