Bayratou and her baby, health campaign19.03.2015 – The first 2015 issue of our news bulletin brings you:

-The education project in the slums of Dhaka, and Maksuda’s story; an 11 year old Bangladeshi girl who goes to a primary school supported by Enfants du Monde.

- The problem of the rural exodus in Bangladesh; and education, and professional teaching being one of the solutions to this. Including 13 year old Liza’s story, who is doing a seamstress apprenticeship in her village.

- Our awareness work with pupils in Switzerland; with the projects: “Un monde plus juste”, and “Une chanson pour l'éducation”.

- The new president of board, Laurent Guye, who speaks of his experiences in development and his pledge for our association.

Finally, we extend a warm welcome to Adoul Kabirou; the baby of Bayratou, the young woman who featured in our campaign “Become a mother, save another”

Happy reading!